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  • Must be 21 years or older, High School diploma or equivalent.

  • Have experience in security, customer service, guest management or similar.

  • Demonstrate superior poise, personal presentation and communication skills.

  • Enjoy working in a demanding, high-profile position with continuous customers. 

  • Be comfortable working with VIP guests, celebrities and public figures.

  • Possess a PERC and 20 hour security training certificate within thirty days of hire.

  • Must be able to pass any State-required training or other qualifications for licensing.

AML, career start by, ensuring the facility is provided with high quality security services to protect people and property.Report safety concerns, security breaches and unusual circumstances both verbally and in writing Build, improve and maintain effective relationships with both client employees and guests answer questions and assist guests and employees in a professional, welcoming manner.

"The Core Value in my life, is my career in keeping people safe!"#1

We Need Good Security Officers, "WE NEED YOU!"

Please, send me an email from the contact page after you have finished the application. You can also download the application and fax it back to Anthony Lewis after completing all information. 
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